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Materia Matrix.  2013. Hand-built, fired, gilded, lacquered ceramic screen in welded steel frame. Six ft X 4 Ft, ceramic area. Six ft X 6 ft, total area including frame, plus stabilizing legs with casters at bottom, 2 feet long. Constructed of thousands of small open gilded ceramic cubes assembled into a random organic design, enclosed within a steel frame of 2-inch-square hollow stock. For indoor or outdoor use, depending on climate. (One large screen included in Chambers Family Foundation collection.) Several versions available in different sizes and formats. Please contact us for prices. Free delivery available to certain California locations. Shipping elsewhere to be arranged by purchaser.

Click on the thumbnail and read the caption above the photo to see if it is available for purchase. Contact the artist for more information. Martha also accepts commissions for new work. She has done work in bronze, concrete and large murals ( paint) as well as ceramics.